93. The Rajneeshee Bioterror attack | USA


In 1984, the Oregon town of The Dalles suffered a mass outbreak of food poisoning. More than 700 of its residents were affected. Health officials looked at hygiene in local restaurants, but an investigation lead them to a local spiritual commune who had a plot to taking over the city’s government.

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Forensic Files – S7, E8 Bio-Attack


Netflix – Wild Wild Country

Wikipedia – 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack

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I Covered the Rajneesh Cult. Here’s What ‘Wild Wild Country’ Leaves Out

Inside the Rajneeshee secret files

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh returns to India after being hounded out of America                                                                                

Created & Produced by Sonya Lowe

Narrated by Noel Vinson

Researched by Two Red Romans Productions

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