EXTRA: The Murder/Suicide of David Afuta and Anat Elimelech | Israel



**To everyone isolating at the moment – here is a bonus mini-sode. Hang in there, be safe, and thank you for staying home.**

On the morning of 2 December 1997, family and friends grew concerned when 23-year-old actress Anat Elimelech and her ex-boyfriend, celebrity hairdresser David Afuta did not respond to phone calls. David’s brother broke into the apartment the lovers used to share and found both of them deceased. A battle ensued for years: who shot whom before ending their own life?

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Hairdresser to Netanyahu killed

Netanyahu hairdresser murdered

Yosef Afuta must compensate family of Anat Elimelech

Bibi’s hairdresser – The wife, the lover and the suicide

The case of the murder of Anat Elimelech is again in court

Lucky girls wheel of fortune

Poems in memory of Anat Elimelech                                                                                

Created & Produced by Sonya Lowe

Narrated by Noel Vinson

Researched by Two Red Romans Productions

Music: “Nordic Medieval” by Marcus Bressler

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This True Crime Podcast was researched using open source or archive materials.