85. The Confessions of Bruno Lüdke | Germany

When the body of 51-year-old Frieda Rösner was discovered in the woods behind a hospital in Köpenick, Berlin in 1943, police arrested a local man, Bruno Lüdke. He was intellectually challenged and people who knew him were surprised when they learnt he had confessed. But it was only the tip of the iceberg… In the end, Lüdke confessed to 84 murders. He was sent to The National Socialist Criminal Medicine Central Institute of Security Police in Vienna, where he was subjected to countless medical experiments. However, many people believe he was coerced into falsely confessing to the murders. Was justice served?

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Der Fall Bruno Lüdke


Wikipedia – German

Wikipedia – English



Justice for a serial killer Was the “Devil of Köpenick” innocent?

The Nazi Victim of Köpenick


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