31. Norway – Black Metal Mayhem

Norway in the 1990s was to Black Metal what Seattle was to Grunge. These guys took the fear a lack of respect for the dead (and the living for that matter) to the next level. Their concerts were frightening, but their fans loved it. To become recognised as a movement, the Norwegian ‘Black Circle’ decided it was time to take the terror off the stage and into society.

When the two leaders of the Black Metal scene in Norway went head to head, a confrontation ended up in the death of legendary lead guitarist Øystein Aarseth aka Euronymous.

Special Thanks: Viktor Larsson

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Mayhem – Freezing Moon (live in Jessheim 1990)

Satan rides the media

Pure fucking mayhem

Dunkelheit – The story of Varg Vikernes

Varg Vikernes talks about murdering Euronymous



Wikipedia – Mayhem

Wikipedia – Euronymous


Varg held family at gunpoint – fled prison because he feared an attempt on his life           

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Narrated by Noel Vinson

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