20. Mexico – The Black Magic Murders of Matamoros

In celebration of Halloween, this week’s episode is somewhat darker than our usual ones.

Adolfo Constanzo, also known as El Padrino (or the Godfather), was the leader of a cult who believed that Black Magic would shield their drug cartel from being busted. Adolfo encouraged human sacrifice and countless people fell victim to the cult, later dubbed as Narcosatanists.

When American medical student, Mark Kilroy, disappeared after a night out in Matamoros, the cult’s sadistic activities finally came to light.

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Mark Kilroy Foundation



Serial Killers and Cult Leaders: Adolfo Constanzo “El Padrino”  – The Black Magic Torturer and Murderer






Lost to the Darkness


Special thanks: NV                                                  

Created by Sonya Lowe

Narrated by: Noel Vinson

Additional script editing: Emma Robertson

Researched & Produced by Two Red Romans Productions

Music: “Nordic Medieval” by Marcus Bressler

Background track: Doblado Studios: https://www.youtube.com/c/DobladoStudios

This True Crime Podcast was researched using open source or archive materials.

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